2000 Allegro 25FT in Scotts Valley, CA

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Asking Price: $8,900

2000 scotts valley ca

Motorhome Specs:

  • Year: 2000
  • Model: Allegro
  • Length: 25FT
  • Odometer: 74,705
  • Engine: 8 cylinder
  • Transmission: Automatic

Seller Info

  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • City/Area: Scotts Valley
  • State/Region: California
  • Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: See Below
  • Email: See Below


More Details & Pictures

300w of Solar Power is perfect for Burning Man!!

This is the best sized RV that sleeps 6 (2 adults + 4 kids). It’s 25 feet long with a back bedroom. Almost all national parks will allow this size RV. Some parks sites only allow 24’ RVs and this one will fit because of the short wheelbase. Easy to park. No slides which saves a huge amount of weight.

We bought this in 2011 and we’ve gone to Canada, Mount Rushmore and dozens of national parks. It has a back window and I changed the rear view mirror for an oversized one so that you can see cars coming up behind you. That makes it a little more like driving a car.

This RV is set up for boondocking (camping without land power/utilities). I have made a lot of repairs and modifications to this RV. I tried make it lighter so it would drive better and get better gas mileage. All RVs need constant repair and maintenance. I’m going to try to list everything wrong (and right) with the RV.
The engine is a really common and easy to work on Chevy big block 454 V8. It’s always used some oil between changes and now it’s been using 1-2 quarts between changes. It’s always had fully synthetic Mobile One oil in it.
The transmission is the really good Allison truck transmission.

I removed the heavy generator since we hated the noise. The only used the generator to run the microwave so I replaced it with a flexible 300w solar panel and a small lithium ion battery. It’s good for about 10 minutes of power for the microwave.
I removed the heavy air conditioner and replaced it with 2 roof fans. The air conditioner would only run when plugged into land power. The fans do a fine job of cooling the RV and there is plenty of solar power.
There was an old fashioned TV in the dash and I replaced it with a storage bin and glove box.
There is a full sized pull down bed over the driver/passenger seat. I made it myself. It works well for kids, but I did not build it for 2 heavy adults.
LCD TV with mini inverter and USB charging jacks in the bedroom.
Replaced the rusty rear bumper with a redwood beam and took off the spare tire. We always carry a can of fix-a-flat. I have a spare tire mount for the bumper, but usually I have a bike rack on the hitch and the tire gets in the way. I’m also selling the bike rack in another ad.
Removed the roof TV antenna.

Good stuff:
Nobody has ever smoked in it.
New ceramic toilet with sprayer. So much nicer and easier to clean than the stock toilet.
New front springs. The stock springs sagged a lot. These ones are better, but the front end is still a little low. I bought the 3789# springs, but next time I would get the 4289# springs from Stengel Brothers. They are only $132.
New Panasonic inverter microwave. Best to run it on level 6 or lower so it doesn’t overheat the inverter.
Tires are pretty new. Replaced in July 2015 with the best you can buy Michelin XRV tires. These are about $2,500.
All inside lights are replaced with low power LED. They consume almost no power.
New: shocks, spark plugs, plug wires and starter
New water pump with mini pressure storage tank. So much quieter than stock. New shower sprayer.
Hydraulic leveling system. Push a lever inside to level your RV. This is a really nice feature to have.
Custom made vinyl seat covers for dinette. Kids spill everything.
New plastic fan covers and refrigerator cap on roof.
Heater and thermostat work great. We camped in the winter many times.
The 2 house batteries are from 2017 and are good. The starter battery works fine, but is a 2012.
New CD player radio with subwoofer under seat.

Not so good stuff:
TV works most of the time but sometimes it shuts down while driving. Not sure what the problem is.
Mice can get into the dash area and they have chewed on the carpet.
Both sinks are plastic and have cosmetic cracks. They work fine with no leaks, but they are getting old.
The engine will heat your right foot in the summer. I’ve tried to insulate the floor, but it still gets hot.
The brakes are making a little noise and it might be time for a brake job. They work so I haven’t inspected.
The tank sensors (black, gray, fresh & propane) have never worked well. A common problem, but I never fixed them. The propane tank has a gauge on the tank and you can see the fresh water tank to check the level. We have never over filled the gray or black tanks.
Roof had a small leak in front, but patched with eternabond tape. Roof is older so we keep a big tarp over the RV in the winter. Comes with the tarp.
Backup camera is out dated and only sort of works. Not a good image.
Engine runs rich on startup.
I once overheated the brake fluid when I was crawling in heavy traffic for 3 hours in the summer. The brake reservoir tank is near the exhaust manifold so if there is no air moving it can overheat. I replaced the brake fluid with much higher temperature rated fluid, but it’s something to watch out for.
Fridge sometimes takes a few times to light when running on propane. Every once in a while it will blow out when driving and it’s really windy. The “check” light will come on when it isn’t lit or blows out.
The water heater can be hard to light. Sometimes it lights right away and sometimes it takes 10 times to light.

I will get a smog certificate soon. It has always passed. No test drives unless you have cash in hand and are going to buy it. It drives as well as an old RV is going to. For sale as is. $9,000 firm. No lowball offers, trades or delivery. Cash in hand or bank check only! I tried to make the price fair and the listing very complete so I don’t have to waste time selling it.

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