2005 Open Road Jupiter FL

Last Updated: 12/30/15

Motorhome Specs:

Model Year: 2005
Model: Allegro Open Road
Length: 32 Foot
Odometer: 14,426
• Engine: Chevrolet 8.1L V8

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Jupiter
State/Region: Florida
Asking Price: $49,500
Contact: Herb @ (561) 379-0600

With 14,426 MI. Built on a WORKHORSE CHASSIS with a Chevrolet 8.1L V8 and a 1000MH series 5-speed automatic ALLISON transmission with overdrive and optional Grade Brake.
The roomy living area gives you plenty of space to move around, but the cabinet storage is what many people appreciate the most. The galley cabinets provide ample storage space and feature solid hardwood doors.
The bedroom has a slideout with raised, walk-around queen size beds that give plenty of storage underneath and lots of extra floor Space for moving around the room. Details such as two night stands allow for even more storage, while the double wall lamps provide ample lighting over the bed. A Vanity/desk combination that can double as a make-up table or laptop station. The bathroom includes a large rain glass shower door, a spacious vanity and oval sink. Too many additional features and options to list here. e-mail me if you would like additional information and pictures.



2005 Jupiter FL

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