Outlined below is a brief review and history of the Tiffin Company along with a list and photos of the current product lineup.

Tiffin FamilyBrief History and Background
Tiffin Motorhomes Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in Red Bay Alabama. Bob Tiffin started the company in 1976 and still runs the company today with this three sons Tim, Van and Lex.

Tiffin roots actually run even further back to 1941 with the Tiffin Supply Company which was created by Bob’s father Alex. This was a lumberyard and general merchandise store also located and Red Bay. This is where Bob worked as a young man and learned the lessons of customer service and commitment from his father.

Despite the gas crisis of the 1970s Bob decided to launch Tiffin in a relatively new industry of motorhome manufacturing. Only a few other companies such as Winnebago, Champion and Open Road existed at the time

Tiffin decided to set itself apart by making its motorhomes more like houses than vehicles. This started with upgrades such as a hefty steel frame and strong steel skirt, a first for the industry. It was also in 1980 that Tiffin introduced the motorhome basement another innovation in the space. Other Tiffin innovations are as follows:

  • 1/4” over 1/8” glass in windows resulting in safer, quitter and more energy efficient interior
  • Steps welded directly to the frame rather than the well
  • 20-25 more storage spaces over the competition
  • First to implement triple slide
  • Compact size Allegro Breeze (smallest class A in the industry)
  • Reinforced steel cross bracing to chassis

Product Lineup

Over the years Tiffin has had a variety of models and as of 2015 produces the 6 core models listed below. To learn more about each individual model check out the compare models page on TiffinMotorhomes.com

  • AllegroTiffin Logo
  • Allegro Red
  • Allegro Breeze
  • Allegro Bus
  • Phaeton
  • Zephyr

See pictures of current model lineup below:


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  1. Your site is worse than worthless.
    You are continuing to list units sold a year and more back.
    Those people report they cannot get their ads pulled.

    • We normally leave sold units on this site so that future buyers and sellers can use the information for research and as a reference point and we also remove any personal info from units that have been sold. Thanks!

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