TiffinMotorhomesForSale.com is proud to partner with Shade Smith to provide Tiffin Motorhome owners, buyers, sellers and restorers with premium Tiffin Window coverings, shades and doors.  This includes the exclusive Slow-Rise Roller Shades with a revolutionary smooth-operating, automatic stopping points with no loose cords and easy installation.


Tiffin Window Coverings


Slow-Rise RV Roller Shades – Features

  • Privacy & Light Control: Made easy with a single touch
  • Operation: Combines ease and simplicity with an advanced operating system to make using them effortless
  • Child & Pet Safety: Cordless manual and motorized operating systems
  • Moto-Rise: Roller shades feature the most durable motor available for cockpit applications


Slow Rise Progression


Shade Smith is an authorized distributor for Irvine Shade & Door Inc.  Since 1989, Irvine Shade & Door has been a leading supplier / manufacturer to the RV industry including major brands such as Tiffin, Coachmen, Airstream, Thor, Winnebago, Fleetwood, Jayco and more.  Irvine Shade & Door manufacturers the OEM shades, coverings and doors for many new production Tiffin Models.  The means that when you source through Irvine Shade & Door you are purchasing genuine OEM replacements for your Tiffin RV.  Irvine Shade & Door is well known for the following products:

  • Slow-Rise Roller Shades
  • Pleated Shades
  • Shower Doors
  • Folding doors
  • The “Seal Rite” brand of Adhesive Products

Shade Smith provides all of these products along with mobile installation services for RVs in Southern California.  For those outside of Southern California – Shade Smith can ship your custom RV Window Coverings, Shades or doors through the continental United States.

Use the form below or call Scott directly at 714-345-6144 for a no cost consultation.

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More about Shade Smith’s Products:

Visit ShadeSmithCA.com for more information

Irvine Shade & Door’s innovative and smooth-operating Slow-Rise Roller Shade has taken the industry by storm. These shades have revolutionized the industry and are available in a variety of beautiful colors and configurations. Though there are imitators out there, authentic Slow-Rise Roller Shades are only manufactured by Irvine Shade & Door.

Slow-Rise Day/Nite Roller Shades

Offer state-of-the-industry performance, featuring hydraulic speed reduction for smooth operation and automatic stopping points. 5% Day Solar Screen allows you to see out, but others can’t see in. Accessible color-coded knobs allow adjustment of speed and upper-limit stopping points.

Slow-Rise Nite Roller Shades

Are an economical high-end window treatment, featuring 4-ply blackout linen embossed vinyl and the same revolutionary quality and operation of our Slow-Rise Day/Nite Roller Shades.

Mini Blinds

Irvine Shade & Door’s 1″ aluminum mini blinds have been a quality standard in the RV industry for many years. Our mini blinds are available in cord lock or e-z lift style.

Pleated Shades

Irvine Shade & Door pleated shades provide superior design and styling for the RV industry. Our flawless color coordination of fabric, cord, end caps and powder coated aluminum rails achieves a more seamless match with your decor. Irvine Shade & Door manufactures day/nite or nite-only shades from a variety of colors in Bellagio opaque, Stitchbond opaque and Deco sheer fabrics. Blackout backing is available in select styles. Irvine Shade & Door pleated shades are easily installed with either quick-mount or bracket systems.

Valu-Line Roller Shades

Irvine Shade & Door created the Valu roller shades to offer a compact space-saving design. This design gives off a sleek and elegant look that customers have been raving about for years. The design of the Valu-Line roller shade includes an auto-stop upper limit feature that is also found on the Slow-RiseTM roller shades. Valu shades offer an ultra-smooth operation due to the Irvine Shade & Door hydraulic speed reduction system.

Pleated Folding Doors

Irvine Shade & Door’s pleated folding door features a heavy-duty, soil resistant pleated fabric. The custom designed PVC hardware system is color-coordinated to match the fabric and its light-weight construction guarantees easy operation. Our compact, space-saving and easy to install design is ideal for room dividers, closets or privacy partitions.

Pleated Shower Door

Irvine Shade & Door’s revolutionary pleated shower door is an attractive, cost-effective product featuring a compact, space-saving design. Our custom designed hardware system is made of durable, color coordinated PVC and includes an aluminum reinforced top track for extra support and smooth operation. The Irvine Shade & Door pleated shower door is the first product of its type and has remained a mainstay throughout the entire RV industry for many years.

Slow-Roll Shower Screen

Irvine Shade & Door have just released their much anticipated “ultra-smooth” Slow-Roll Shower Screen. These shower screens are destined to be the next “must have” item in the RV industry. With it’s compact “disappearing” design, it gives the shower a sleek and classy look.  Practically Weightless!: Not only is it easy to install, but Irvine Shade & Door’s Slow-Roll Shower Screen weighs a measly 8 pounds. Looking Sleek!: Irvine Shade & Door’s Slow-Roll Shower Shade’s frame is an attractive powder-coated aluminum which looks stylish and classic. The screen is super easy to operate and it closes automatically!